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ESE Lightning Rod
E.S.E based air terminal alp - ese lightning rod compliance with nfc17-102 standards

How it works
the specific purpose of alp lightning rod is to produce ionization directed at the cloud, so that any possible electrical discharge can be channeled from the very beginning. between the exciter set, which has the potential, a potential difference is established this potential difference will be greater, the higher the atmospheric potential gradient is, and consequently, when the lightning formation is most likely.

Protection Levels
nfc17-102 standards provide an evaluating method, as a result of several studies of lightning protection systems. it compares the early streamer time induced by alp lightning rod, to a simple franklin lightning rod in the same environmental and placement test condition.

a relationship between time, propagation speed, and in consequence, the stroke distance and the protection zone, is obtained in determining the value.

the evalustion of the risk is being struck, and the structure proctection needs is obtaining following the apendix b of the standard mentioned above.

Characteritices And Advantages
100% effective in dealing with discharge
electrical continuity guaranteed. carries lightning current without resistance
non- electronic lightning rod ensuring its long life
technical qualities remain unaffected after each strike
with no electronics, so there is no risk of melting
no external power supply is required
ensuring its effective operation after each lightning strike
no special maintenance is needed
e.s.e lightning arrester

Conventional Lightning
in conventional lightning protection system lightning arrester is require every part of building.

for every lightning arrester required different earthing pit laying the strip all corner of the building all around of building corrosion is very higher in lightning arrester no measurement of the covering of area

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