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About us
S N Engineering has become a name to reckon with for supplying their clients a top notch quality of Chemical Earthing Electrodes in Delhi . These are wide appreciated by our esteemed clients for their superior performance and world class quality standards.we are also a noted supplier of products like E.S.E Lightning Arrester , Chemical Earthing Electrode & Copper Wire Cables.We work with zeal to impart highly innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the all round earthing requirements of our valued clients. The assortment of our chemical earthing electrodes and other precision engineered products is known for good conductivity, corrosion resistance, low maintenance and safe operations. We cater to a diverse segment of industries and have formed a wide client base.

We move ahead with a vision to spread our wings globally and create a niche for ourselves in the global market. Our sole vision lies in growth and a thorough client satisfaction by supplying our clients with the best quality products and earthing services.

Earthing System
An earthing system in any kind of electricity systems ascertains the electrical potential of the conductors which are relative to those elements of the conductive surface of the earth. It finds various implications in electromagnetic compatibility and safety of the power supply. It comprises various earth connections such as functional and protective earth. The former provides a protection against electric shock whereas the latter ensures a balanced electric potential of all the exposed conductive surfaces. Thus, to facilitate a shock proof and smooth functioning of your electronic systems, an extensive earthing system is a prerequisite. Earthing is used in devices such as electromagnetic interference filters, surge suppression and many kinds of antennas.

Importance of Earthing
In today's scenario, an extensive Earthing System is a requirement at every sphere where electronic devices are used and therefore to prevent any kind of accidents arising from electricity shocks, proper earthing systems are used. These ensure a proper operation of each and every electrical system. Further, earthing also saves your electrical system from damages. There is no electrical circuit, single phase or three phases, which is complete and effective without a proper earthing. It is also used to control radio frequency emission and electromagnetic interference. Earthing is essential to provide a stable reference potential for an instrument accuracy as well as to provide a secure path for discharge path of the lighting currents and the short circuits.

Advantages and Benefits
There are numerous benefits and advantages of these earthing systems. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • These provide a Safety to the life as well as the property from the earth related electrical perils.
  • A low electrical resistance to the earth, as well as corrosion.
  • Effective dissipation of lightning, fault and other short circuit current.
  • Highly appropriate for earthing systems which are meant for sensitive electronic machinery, appliances and other electric equipment.
  • Durability and a longer service life Highly cost effective life saving solution.

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