Lightning Arrester as per IEC 62305

We Provide Lightning Arrester Soluton As Per Is/IEC 62305.We Provide Proper Lightning Arrester, What Is IEC Standard and How it works why we are required IEC Standard and how it is effective

Lightning Arrester rods are a very simple protection system, composed by an aerial termination (the rod), one or more down conductors and an earth termination. The system has the capability to intercept, guide and disperse the lightning energy coming from storm clouds into the soil, thus preventing the appearance of dangerous voltages and currents to man, animals and equipment contained in the volume to be protected.

Its functioning is based on a physical phenomenon called "corona effect", which consists in the ionization of air surrounding the rod’s tip when the electric field in the vicinity reaches a specific magnitude, thus creating a “preferred path” for the lightning strike to discharge on that tip and be further conducted to the soil, where it is dissipated

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